A Sandbar Surprise

Happy Valentine’s day, guys! Here’s a wonderful love story my friend Myles, witnessed and captured beautifully in one of her visits to Coron, Palawan.

A Sandbar Surprise by Myles Casto. As our boat approached the beautiful sandbar on Bulog Dos, we could see two figures, a boy and a girl, walking side by side occasionally stopping to take pictures of one another.

As we neared the island, we saw the boy kneel on one knee while talking something out of his pocket.

It was a proposal!!! Happening right before our eyes!!!

Our boat had docked, but none of us had moved to alight. We held our breaths as we waited…. would she say yes?

*Awwwww* 🙂

In less than a minute they were both on their feet, hugging, and beaming, and laughing… and we couldn’t help but cheer them on.

Congratulations, Lyra and Luigi!

June 13, 2010 at The Sandbar on Bulog Dos Island, Coron.

This beautiful story was originally posted by Myles in Tabblo. Thank you Myle’s for letting me repost this as Rambling Sensations’ featured story for Valentine’s day!

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