“See you at Aliwan 2011 later!” I told my co-workers as I was leaving the office at 8:30 in the morning. I would be going to the festival along with some photographer friends who simply could not a resist a great photo opp such as this. I was told that we would all meet up at 1PM at the Starbucks Coffeshop located just across the US Embassy. I got home at 9:00AM. I was planning to get some sleep for at least a couple of hours before I start preparing for the event but as soon as I hit the bed, I realized that I haven’t found an accomodation for our trip next week. I quickly turned on my laptop and started looking online. I couldn’t believe how fast the hours went by. When I finally checked my watch, it was half past 11 in the morning. And I was beggining to feel sleepy.

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