We dropped by Gumasa on our way back to Davao. It was our 5th day in Southern Mindanao and we’d been going around its provinces since we arrived. Yesterday, after our visit to Lake Sebu, we visited my relatives (whom I met for the first time) in Sultan, Kudarat. We spent the night in one of my cousin’s house and left for General Santos City early that morning.

Gumasa beach is dubbed as “The Small Boracay of Mindanao.” Located in Glan, Saranggani Province, it can be reached in just about an hour from Gen San. The vans going to Glan are located near the KCC mall. In Glan, we hired a tricycle and asked the driver to take us to Coco Beach. Most visitors recommend the resort for having the best stretch of powdery white sand in Gumasa.

We rented one of the open cottages since we planned to stay in the morning only and would leave for Davao just after lunch. The beach was lovely. Despite the presence of a few resorts within the area, the beach still looked pristine, and its atmosphere was simply peaceful and refreshing.

Facing the sea, just a few steps away, the left side of Gumasa beach is must visit for beach lovers who are looking for unspoilt, virgin beaches. I found the beach to be wide with powdery white sand, and apart from the presence of a few fishermen, the place was almost deserted. The lone nipa hut I saw in that area was almost hidden in a small forest of trees near the beach. It would have been a perfect place for a beach camp if we had more time.

The whole morning, we were either on the beach or in the water, exploring or swimming, chasing crabs, or simply lying on the sand, listening to the sounds of nature and just enjoying being on vacation.

We left a couple of hours after lunch. We asked our tricycle driver earlier to come back and pick us up at the resort at 2PM since there are no regular public transportation nearby. He arrived just when we were ready to leave. We had a great time at Gumasa beach. Our visit may have been too short, but it sure was sweet. The beach may not be as grand as the real Boracay, but Mindanao’s smaller version of the most famous beach in the Philippines has its own beauty and charm that would surely captivate specially those who are seeking for relaxation, peace and a quiet day at a beautiful beach.

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