It was still dark when we woke up the next day. Last night was very uncomfortable. The electricity went on and off. The watertank ran out of water and to be able to take a shower, I had to fetch some from a pitcher pump a few meters away from the bath room. And we weren’t happy with our nipa hut accommodation at Wally’s Home Stay either. The nipa hut looked unfinished and seemed rushed for the peak season. The walls were still rough it could possibly scratch the skin of those who would sleep close to them, if they’re not careful. The floor was made of tiny pebbles, not cemented, but were just scattered on the floor. The electric fan that was provided was rusty. All these for P2,400 a night. Wally was a nice guy, though.  He has better accomodations and some airconditioned rooms but these were already reserved before I got to talk to him.

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