The next day, the boat arrived and we bid goodbye to Macolabo Island. This was the second day of the trip and we’re headed to Mahabang Buhangin or more popularly known as Calaguas Island. In most parts of the boat ride, the water was calm considering that we were travelling in an open sea. From afar, we could see other islands which may also be worth visiting in the future.

Most people who have visited this island have been raving about how beautiful Calaguas Island is. Some even claimed it to be the real Boracay of the North or the next Boracay. I am not really a fan of comparing equally beautiful but less popular beaches in the Philippines with Boracay. Boracay is Boracay and even if Calaguas were as beautiful or even more beautiful than Boracay, I personally believe it is best that Calaguas be known as Calaguas and not refer to it as the next this or that. Oh well. Anyway, having read a lot of positive remarks about this island, I have to say, my expectations were quite high, and as we came nearer, I could only hope that the island would not disappoint us.

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