9 Things to Do at Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island is another perfect weekend getaway for those seeking for a great beach destination near Metro Manila. Travel time through the fastest route may only take approximately 3-4 hours. With its fine white sand and amazing beach sceneries, a weekend experience that is full of fun and adventure awaits everyone in this beautiful island in Mauban, Quezon. Here’s a few of the things I did during my visit:

1. Camp Out on the Beach

Yes. Camping is allowed. So dig out your camping gears and prepare for a great camping adventure. If you have never done beach camping before but have always wanted to and have always been looking for a safe place and easy camping, Cagbalete Island is a perfect spot to pitch a tent. Those who may refuse to go on camping because of unavailability of the basic amenities need not worry because freshwater and shared bathrooms are available in the area.

And in case the weather is unpredictable and it suddenly rains (like what happened to us during our visit,) there are nipa hut cottages in the island which are available for rent.

2. Explore and Go to Where the Freshwater and Saltwater Meet.

If you are staying at Villa Cleofas Beach Camp Resort, take a 5-10-minute leisure walk towards the left side of the island facing the beach and find a small river where its fresh water and the saltwater from the sea meet.

The water was clean and clear, I enjoyed swimming on this part of the island and the scenery was really awesome!

3. Walk Through a Shallow Water to Get to Bonsai Island

About a kilometer away from the Cagbalete’s shoreline is a small island they call Bonsai Island because of the presence of 2 very old bakawan trees that is only about 2 feet high. During low tide, the water level gets really low, which becomes a good opportunity to get to the island by walking through the shallow water.

The island’s surface was a flat rockbed which looked like it was purposely cemented. There are also several small rockpools which are formed when the tide goes out and water is left in holes that have been carved out of the rocks by the waves. Swimming in these rockpools that seem like natural jacuzzis can be really fun.

4. Strike a Pose for a Photo Shoot

Whether it is landscape, wedding/pre-nuptial, model, glamour or sexy photoshoots, Cagbalete is a perfect location to take amazing photographs with beautiful nature sceneries as backdrops. Want to have your very own FHM-like photographs? Put on your sexiest bikini and strike a pose. Or go on a trip with your fiance for a great and memorable pre-nuptial photoshoot.

5. Horseback Riding!

Have you ever explored the beach riding a horse? If you havent, Villa Cleofas has 3 horses for rent. Ladies who are brave enough to ride on top of a horse may feel like Gloria Diaz or Ruffa Guttierez in the famous scene of the movie “Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat ng Lupa,” or can have their pictures taken just like Roxanne Guinoo’s for White Castle Whisky(Photo Source.)

Roxanne Guinoo models for White Castle Whisky

6. Mingle with the Locals at Sabang Beach

There is a small community at Sabang Beach, the drop off point to the main resorts at Cagbalete Island. The local residents are very friendly and are accepting of everyone. You can sit down and chat with them by the beach while waiting to buy the morning’s fresh catch from the fishermen.

7. Hire a Boat and Get to The Sandbar of Cagbalete

While talking to a local fisherman at Sabang beach, we noticed a small parcel of white sand not very far from where we were. When we asked the fisherman if we could go and see it, he said yes and offered to take us there for a minimal fee.

It took us about 10 minutes to get there. What we thought to be a small beach earlier turned out to be a beautiful sandbar! And although the sand was quite rough and coarse, the view was really stunning!

There are mangroves at the end and on each side of the sandbar which added beauty to the scene in a unique way. And from time to time there were group of long-legged wading birds that could be seen hunting for fish on both sides.

8. Jump shot!

You want to bring home a picture to show that you had a blast? Well, just jump on and on and on until your your friend gets the perfect shot.

9. Just Chill, Relax and Enjoy the View

Take a nap or read a book in a hammock under the shades of the trees. Sip a cold drink while listening to good music on your Ipod.

Or just sit back and feast your eyes on the exquisite beauty of nature that surrounds the whole island.

Of course, there are tons of other great beach activities that can be enjoyed in Cagbalete. For information on how to get there, please visit Villa Cleofa’s website.

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